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55th Gough Overwintering Team 2010


Sonja Lizemore  - Medic and team leader

I come from the best city in South Africa, the BLUE BULL city of Pretoria.  I stayed on a game ranch 60km outside Pretoria, where I was working as a nature conservationist. I am a qualified nurse with 25 years of experience working in intensive care units, but always loved nature. Weekends I had to do some work and then leave the veld to go back to the city.   I’ve done my diploma in nature conservation and at present I am busy with my BTech. 

When the chance came to be part of the Gough 55 overwintering team, I didn’t hesitate.  I love to be on the go and experience something different.  I spent 2 years in Botswana during the winter seasons to pitch tents and cook for clients while touring through Botswana, and I also spent a year in Saudi Arabia.

This is a chance of a lifetime to be one of just 8 people to spend a year on Gough Island and I am so grateful to Him for guiding me on my way.  Here, on this remote island I know I will have lots of time and opportunities to experience the wonders God gave us to enjoy.


Llewellyn Kriedemann  -  Comms engineer  and deputy team leader

 I was born and raised in Vredenburg on the West coast. I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch. Soon after University I found and seized the opportunity to spend an incredible year in Antarctica as part of the SANAP program. When the opportunity came along to experience the majestic beauty of Gough island, I didn't hesitate for a second.


Daphne Hollenbach—senior meteorologist

 I’m a divorced mother of two! Born and bred in Namaqualand in the Northern Cape Region. Joined the South African Weather Service in 2005 after which they sent me for a year’s training in Pretoria. Ever since then I’ve been part of the excellent team at the Weather Office in Springbok.

 I would describe myself as a dreamer, a loner most of the time. A person misunderstood by society. This island experience is a journey I’m embarking on paving the way to be part of a Spiritual realm that would take me to exhilarating heights, Lord willing.


Leon Keyser - Diesel Mechanic

 I’m from Riversdale in the Western Cape. I am a  qualified diesel mechanic. I’m married with three children. I enjoy challenges and adventures and that has brought me to Gough Island.


Tshepo Tawane aka TauTona  - Junior meteorologist

 Who would have ever known that a Transvaalian guy could catch fish in the deep waters of Gough Island….Oh! Let me rephrase that in the Atlantic Ocean!, If you are wondering what I mean by a “Transvaalian guy” I’m from Rustenburg by the way; The Platinum City, from one of the Royal Bafokeng villages called ROBEGA. I am a born again child of God, who loves the Lord with all of his heart, I’m nothing without him.

 I am a quiet, inquisitive guy.….on second thoughts make that “loud inquisitive”. That’s how I got to know about the Island expedition, which to me came as a grand opportunity, for the first time in my life to get out of the country, travel by Ship “for seven days nogal” and by the way we did First aid, Fire fighting and cooking lessons which came in as a bonus… do you like that….!!J

  I believe this experience will help me get in touch with my inner self, learn to live with different kinds of people with different kinds of characters and lifestyle, to learn from them and accept them the way they are. I believe again that being away from home will make me appreciate the people I love “friends and family” more than ever before. Most of all I will get enough time to spend with and seek the Lord while he may be found ....
Isaiah 55:6.


Martin Nysschens  - Junior meteorologist

 I am from Bellville. I spent 5 years working in various countries in Europe. My love for travel and strong sense of adventure brought me to Gough island. I grabbed the opportunity that presented itself to be the junior meteorologist on Gough.


Kalinka Rexer-Huber   -  Field Assistant

 I come from the cool mountainous end of New Zealand, the land of the kea and the kiwi. After a brief sojourn in tropical mountainous Venezuela, I went back to New Zealand to study neuroscience and zoology in Dunedin. Gough’s mountains called, so I came running.. and found them swarming with stunning birdlife. Here’s to the Gough Year!


Graham Parker  -    Field Assistant

 I'm from New Zealand, my home is in the Southern end of the country. I studied Ecology at Otago University, and then proceeded on to a Post-Graduate Diploma in Wildlife Management and a Masters in Zoology.

I have worked on many conservation projects, mostly involving bird species facing threats from exotic mammals. The Sub-Antarctic regions of our planet have always greatly intrigued me. The opportunity to work on an island as bountiful in biota as Gough is a real priviledge.

I am on Gough with my partner Kalinka, and we hope to be able to contribute as much as possible to the current knowledge of Gough's biodiversity, and to help develop ways it can be preserved for perpetuity.

To Contact G 55 on the Island:

Phone: +27 (0)21 405 9470 or


54th Gough Overwintering Team 2009

Gough 54
Tom Mc Sherry (Medic & Team Leader); Vincent Rademeyer (Diesel Mech.); Rupert Spann (Jnr. Met.); Henk Louw (RSPB field assist.); Paul Visser (RSPB field asst.)

Itumeleng Lefakane (Jnr. Met.); Andries v. Staden (Snr. Met.); Chantal Steyn (Comms Eng. & Deputy Leader)

Chantal Steyn - View my 'Gough Island' set on Flickriver 

53rd Gough Overwintering Team 2008

Gough 53

Johan Hoffman (Radio Tech), Charlene Oppel (Met), Sarel Steyn (Diesel Mech, Leader), Nkoane Mathabatha (Met), Mellany McPherson (Snr Met), Kholekile Cita (Medic, Deputy Leader)

52nd Gough Overwintering Team 2007

Gough 52

Brian Bowie (Radio Tech, Leader), Thulani Jakalashe (Diesel Mech, Deputy Leader), Bigfish Mashau (Met)

Jonathan Kotze (Snr Met), Dineo Matsana (Met), Petrus Kritzinger (Medic)


51st Gough Overwintering Team 2006

Gough 51

Menthiam Sebesho (Snr Met, Dep Leader), Phillip Lourens (Met), Floyd Chubane (Radio Tech)

Steven Phakula - (Met), Johnny Wilson (Biologist), Fanie Potgieter - (Diesel Mech)

Given Moreku (Sagina), Marie Burle (Biologist), Tamara Spinks (Medic, Leader), Ivan Green (Sagina)

50th Gough Overwintering Team 2005

gough 50

Leonard Maree (Radio Tech), Niets Borman (Medic), Bigfish Mashau - (Met), Pauline Bapela - (Met), Nole Green (Diesel Mech, Dep Leader)

Kobie Steyn (Sen Met, Leader)

49th Gough Overwintering Team 2004

Gough 49

Martin Slabber (Radio Tech), Shadrack Podile (Sen Met, Leader), Ross Wanless (Biologist)

Petrus Kritzinger (Medic, Dep Leader), Norman Leveridge - (Met), Steven Phakula - (Met), Andrea Angel (Biologist), Paul Putter (Diesel Mech)

48th Gough Overwintering Team 2003

Gough 48

Gideon Nel (Medic),  Chris Swanepoel (Diesel Mech, Leader),  Daphney Zitha (Met),  Peter Lekalakala (Sen Met, Dep Leader)

Abner Matlala (Met), Thulani Ntshanga (Radio Tech)

47th Gough Overwintering Team 2002

Gough 47

Lehlohonolo Khesa (Radio Tech), Tshidi Moremi (Met), Titus Mosweu (Sen Met), Chris de Beer (Medic, Leader).

Micheal Rabotho (Diesel Mech), Shadrack Podile (Met, Dep leader)

46th Gough Overwintering Team 2001

Gough 46

Pumeza Skepe, Chris Swanepoel, Deryck Yelverton, Piet, Princess, Erica Sommers

Louis Janse van Vuuren, Brigitte, Linda, Richard

45th Gough Overwintering Team 2000

Gough 45

Beneke de Wet - radio tech, Peter Lekalakala - met, Christine Haenel - field assistant, Victor Mafata - met, Alex Jones - field assistant.

Kobus Steyn - senior met, dep leader, Antwa Lombard - medic, leader, Aldo Strumpher - diesel mech.

44th Gough Overwintering Team 1999

Gough 44

Kgaugelo Rampedi - met, Belinda Enslin - radio tech

David Sepheka - met, Didi Enslin - senior met, dep leader

Anke Kotze - medic, leader, Johan Greyling - diesel mech

43rd Gough Overwintering Team 1998

Gough 43

Andre Combrinck - medic, Glen Roberts - sen met, leader

James Kwalepe - diesel mech, Theuns van Wyk - radio tech, Peter Mailula - met, Sarien Lategan - met

42nd Gough Overwintering Team 1997

Gough 42

Braam Kriel - sen met, leader, Mark Godbolt - diesel mech, Jaco Wium - met, dep leader, Piet van der Wal - medic, Peter Lekalakala - met, Rico Swanepoel - radio tech

41st Gough Overwintering Team 1996

Gough 41

Jason Whiting - met, Anton Noffke - radio tech, Jan Joubert - diesel mech, Stephan Laubscher - met

Jacques Links - sen met, Hans Möller - medic/leader, David Ball - comms

40th Gough Overwintering Team 1995

Gough 40

Gideon du Preez "Missfire" - diesel mech, Allan du Toit "The Doc" - medic, Shane Rainbird "Varktjop" - communicator, Lynton Twyman "Houdini" - met, dep leader, Gert van Eeden "Hennie Hollywood" - radiotech, leader, Julian Brimelow "Mouse Trap" - sen met, Mike Johannes "Gariepie" - met

39th Gough Overwintering Team 1994

Gough 39

Pieter Greyling - radio opp, Colin Spencer - medic, dep leader, Morny Nortman - diesel mech, Werner Crous - met asst, John McLinden - radio tech, leader, Vic Chapman - sen met, Ferdinand Swanepoel - met asst

Insert:   Jacques Links - sen met

38th Gough Overwintering Team 1993

Gough 38

Michael van Dyk - met, Alan Ossher - radio tech, dep leader, Clinton Smorenburg - radio opp, William Stranix - medic, leader

Hendrik Swart - met, Francois du Toit - diesel mech, Jacques Links - sen met

Gideon Kritzinger - met

37th Gough Overwintering Team 1992

Gough 37

Justin Cook - met, leader, Peter Holloway - radio tech, Bruce Lawson - medic, Phil Fouche - diesel mech, Rean Steenkamp - comms, Jaco Wium - met

Jacques Fitchat - sen met

36th Gough Overwintering Team 1991

Gough 36

R. Wilson - met, A. Moolman - radio tech, P. Reichert - diesel mech

K. Levey - sen met, W. Stockton - radio opp, H. Moller - medic, S. Worth - met

35th Gough Overwintering Team 1990

Gough 35

Fanz Hoffmann - radio tech, opp, Andries Smit - met, leader, Andrew Ainslie - met

Greg Mockler - medic, Riaan Visser - diesel mech, Frik Gerber - senior met

34th Gough Overwintering Team 1989

Gough 34

Jo Daniel - met, Hans Möller - medic, André Meyer - met

Daniel van den Heever - radio tech, Robin Matthews - radio opp, Eugene Burger - sen met, leader, Philp de Wet - diesel mech

33rd Gough Overwintering Team 1988

Gough 33

Perry Britz - medic, Mark Steyn - sen met, leader, David Hulbert - radio tech 

Chris Riphagen - met, Rob Faure - met, Peter Smal - diesel mech 

Joe Roos - radio opp

32nd Gough Overwintering Team 1987

Gough 32

Donald Bower (Radio Operator), Steve Vermaak (Diesel Mech), Roger Bentley (Met, Team Leader),              Johan Swanepoel (Medic)

Pieter Cronje (Met), Kevin Turner (Radio Tech), Gys Botes (Met)

31st Gough Overwintering Team 1986

Gough 31

E. Rossouw - met, leader, H. Shütze - met, D. Nel - diesel mech, R. Cilliers - sen met, H. Vosloo - radio tech, G. Gunnell - medic, J. Marschal - radio opp

30th Gough Overwintering Team 1985

Gough 30

L. Lines - comms, leader, R. van Rooyen - radio tech, S. Atkinson - met, G. Hugo - sen met, B. Stead - met, C. van Rooyen - medic

29th Gough Overwintering Team 1984

Gough 29

Order on Photo not known....

R.J. van Rooyen (leader/Radio Tech), K.J. Rae (Snr. Met). W.D. Saunder (Asst. Work), I. Schirmer (Met), J.H.C. v. de Venter (Met), H.F. Breytenbach (Diesel Mech.), J.V. Letto (Medic), A.M. Moore (Comms.)

28th Gough Overwintering Team 1983

Gough 28

P. Uys - radio tech, G. van Rooyen - radio opp, R. Clifford - medic, R. Seton - met, leader, C. Wolmarans - sen met, T. de Jongh - met, D. Hattingh - diesel mech, I du Plessis - met

27th Gough Overwintering Team 1982

Gough 27

Jacques Le Roux - met, Dave May - diesel mech, Geert Kuit - radio tech, Riaan Cilliers - met, Neels Bosch - medic, Charles du Plessis - met, Casper Bonnet - radio opp, Roy Cadman - sen met, leader

26th Gough Overwintering Team 1981

Gough 26

Peter Stockwell - radio tech, John Stone - diesel mech, leader, Thys Kotze - met, Ian Martin - medic

Raymond Hilland - met, Barnie Barnard - sen met, Gordon Mcintyre - radio opp

25th Gough Overwintering Team 1980

Gough 25

A. Bean - medic, R.J. Thorpe - sen met, T. Stock - radio tech, I.J. Saunders - met, leader, F.Nel - diesel mech

B.K. Appel - met, E. Van Heerden - radio opp, G. Bristow - met