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49th Sanae Overwintering Team 2010


André Harms - Mechanical Engineer &Team Leader

“I am the team leader and mechanical engineer; it's a dream come true being here!”


Tyrell Sassen - Electronic Engineer & Deputy Leader

“I am the electronic engineer and deputy team leader and am really enjoying this beautiful place.”



Ryno Jordaan - Electrical Engineer

"S49 Electrical Engineer and Master Igloo Builder”



Johan Nortje - Diesel Mechanic

“I was born and raised in Johannesburg. I am a Diesel Mechanic, currently in Antarctica, with the S49 overwintering team. I am 52 years old, married to my loving wife Susan for nearly thirty years. I have three children and four grandchildren.”


Marlon Manko - Diesel Mechanic

“Hi, I am Marlon Manko, one of the diesel mechanics for the SANAE 49 2010 team. To experience the elements as I have thus far is amazing. The profound effect that the environment has had on me, and the way in which it has altered my way of thinking, has been life changing. This experience will play a big part in my growth for the future.
I never really understood what people meant by “you will never look at the world the same after you have lived the dream of many people”. This is really a once in a life time opportunity for me and I plan to cherish it always.
My quote: 'the foot-prints you leave behind are not always to show people where you are going, but to remind yourself where you came from'.
God speed to one and all, especially to my team-mates for a good year and a safe return to all our loved ones.”


Lowellen Clarke - Doctor

is chilling...


Robert Schoeman - Meteorologist

“I am the meteorologist for SANAE 49. This has been an absolutely amazing opportunity for me, to be part of this incredible adventure... an adventure that I will never forget.”


Etienne Kruger - Cosmic Ray Scientist

“I am the SANAE49 Cosmic Ray Scientist and am enjoying Antarctica while you are stuck in the office...”


Roger van Schie - Radar Engineer

“I am Roger van Schie radar engineer for the SANAE 49 team for 2010. I am missing the office…NOT!!!!!


James Hayes - Space Weather Engineer

“It has been an exhilarating journey so far, and I have been greatly privileged with my appointment as the Space Weather Engineer for the 2010 over-wintering expedition. I have a deep love for my country, and all of its people. My inner constitution harbours a steely belief that I can make a difference and improve the state of my community, and I eagerly anticipate that as a consequence of this year in isolation, I will return to South Africa with more mature insights on my place within its complex society. I have always been moved by Nature, and find joy in its simplicity over here in Antarctica. I enjoy making music, but revere the silence of this continent. I consider this expedition to be one of the most significant experiences I have encountered in my brief 26 years on this planet.”

To contact S49:
or to send a personal message to one of the team members: (example:

48th Sanae Overwintering Team 2009

Lötter Kock

Lötter Kock - Electrical Engineer & Team Leader

Can not get enough of the outdoors – what better place to be then?


Alan Huang

Alan Huang - Electronic Engineer and Deputy Leader

I was born in Taiwan but grew up in Pretoria. Ever since I was small, I've been living between the two worlds of Africa and Asia. As a result, I'm deeply in love with traveling and always curious at what's on the other side of the ocean.

Whilst studying engineering at the University of Pretoria, I came across with a half-an hour guest speaker lecture on SANAE. This half-an hour lecture planted the seed of coming to Antarctica and SANAE. Needless to say, this dream has always been at the back of my head and never died.

After finishing my studies and worked in the field of telecommunications for three years, I decided to pursue this dream and here I am, in Antarctica!

I'm the communications officer/electronics engineer responsible for SANAE's satellite, radio, local networks, computer and telephone systems.

Jo Thirsk

Joanna Thirsk - Medical Doctor

I was born in Johannesburg and matriculated from St Mary’s School in 1999.

As the daughter of an airline pilot I developed a firm love of travel from an early age. Seeking to combine my interests in both the humanities and science, I studied medicine at the University of Cape Town, graduating in 2005.

Since then I have been working in various hospitals both in Johannesburg and Cape Town and have developed a special interest in emergency and wilderness medicine. I intend on eventually specialising as a paediatric emergency physician.

Eager to use my profession to see more of the world, I wanted to join an expedition as a doctor and SANAE 48 presented the perfect opportunity.

My interests include reading, music, travel, sailing and nature/the outdoors. To find out more about me check out my profile on Facebook under “Jo Thirsk” or visit my blog:

Willie Nel

Willie Nel - Mechanical Engineer

Willie is from Marloth Park. Temperatures from 50C to Sanae -50C.


Charl van Aardt

Charl van Aardt - Diesel Mechanic

Hi, ek is die een diesel mech vir S48 die jaar hier op SANAE en ex Marion 64.

Dit is ‘n groot droom wat waar geword het vir my en ek hoop die jaar sal net die beste ooit wees. Die voertuie is meestal my babas en ek hoop om soveel moontlik te leer van hierdie wit paradys wat ons huis is vir ‘n jaar.

As julle nog nie hier was nie, maak ‘n plan om te kom. Julle sal nooit spyt wees nie! 


Nole Green

Nole Green - Diesel Mechanic

Nole was born in Stellenbosch and grew up in Wellington, the heart of the Boland.

After completed his Diesel Mechanic Trade Diploma at the Training Centre for Artisans, Bellville South, he joined the SANDF. He enjoyed 16 years of his life in the South African Army.

He learnt of Antarctica, Marion Island and Gough Island expeditions when he was at the Army Battle School in Lohathla, Postmasburg. As a Warrant Officer in the S.A. Army, it was a difficult decision for him to quit his soldier career. But nevertheless, he couldn't believe his eyes when he explore the beauty of the  wildlife and  nature when got to Marion Island in April  2000 for his 1st over-wintering expedition. Since then the journey started.

This is now his 6th over-wintering expedition and he is looking forward to his 6th snow bath on his birthday, the 27th of January 2010. Three expeditions on Antarctica, two on Marion Island and one on Gough Island.


Johan Jamneck

Johan Jamneck - Senior Meteorologist

Born and raised on the highveld, Jo-burg to be exact. After matric I had the opportunity to experience four very social years at the university of the North-West before I became involved in the SANAP program.

My year on Marion, the jewel of the southern Ocean, (M64) was the most profound and life altering experience so far for me as a young man, and as the old saying goes:"One good turn deserves another" so the logical thing was to sign up for another expedition. I have always had a fascination with the old "Terra incognita" so I was overwhelmed when the news arrived that I have been given the rare opportunity to lay eyes on the white continent.

I have a healthy interest in all things wild and wonderful in this world of ours. Also keen on photography and reading. I am the meteorologist on SANAE during the S48 overwintering expedition of 2009."


Erick Minnie

Erick Minnie - Cosmic Ray Scientist/Engineer

I started my studies in Computer Systems Engineering at the Vaal Triangle Technicon in Klerksdorp. 2 years later I decided to go for a full-blown B.Eng: Computer-Electronic Engineering qualification at the PU for CHE in Potchefstroom, and after 5 years I got the opportunity to go to Antarctica.

It was more than pure luck, because so little people were interested to go and do what I had to do down there. So I first visited the continent and SANAE IV in the take-over of 2007-2008 where I had a brief introduction to what I was supposed to do in the following year. After I returned to the RSA, I met the love of my life, Mariné, whom I love very dearly and miss very terribly while I spend my year with a bunch of great team mates in SANAE 48. Everything I do, I do for Mariné and live my life for her, and so I got the chance of also doing my Master’s in Electronic Engineering, ensuring a promising future for the both of us.

Mariné, I love you, and I miss you, and now it’s not even a year before I come back to you my Love!

In the meantime, I concentrate on keeping things running for the Unit for Space Physics at the North-West University, including the neutron monitors we have here, as well as monitoring the magnetic field activity, aurora recordings, riometer recordings and the monitoring of the local seismometer we have running for the CTBTO.

Keith Brown

Keith Browne - Radar Engineer

As a West-coast boy Keith matured roaming around the hills of Namaqualand as a magnificent specimen of human being, with an appreciation of vast open spaces and desert environements.

After many years at Stellenbosch University being a professional student in electronic enigneering, the call of the ultimate desert - Antarctica - became to strong and Keith responded by joining the SANAP program.

Keith's main responsibility at SANAE IV is to nurture the SuperDARN radar, so that the radar continues to provide valuable scientific data to the international space physics community.

Rory Meyer

Rory Meyer - Space Weather Scientist/Engineer

I'm in charge of the Hermanus Magnetic Observatory's magnetic sensors and GPS scintillation receiver. I also give the University of KwaZulu Natal a hand when their data collecting equipment gives trouble.

The scientific data that this station gives on ionospheric and magnetic activity is well worth the effort taken getting here.

Despite being the youngest I was given the role of team crocodile wrestler, secondary soup maker, first team sauna goalie, DI measurement king, lime juice taster and the only person on team who can say GPS ionospheric scintillation with a straight face.

Even with all these responsibilities I make time to go outside and enjoy the scenery often taking my camera with me.


To contact S48:
or to send a personal message to one of the team members: (example:

47th Sanae Overwintering Team 2008

Sanae 47
  Gerhard Laubscher (Electronic Engineer),  Saziso Nginda (Electrical Engineer), Llewellyn Kriedemann (HF Radar Engineer). 

   Neels Fourie (Diesel Mechanic and Deputy Leader), Ross Hofmeyr (Doctor and Leader), Anton van Zyl (Mechanical Engineer), Richard Duncan (Diesel Mechanic), Santjie du Toit (Meteorologist), Daleen Koch (IPY Engineer), Morgan O’Kennedy (Cosmic Ray Engineer).

46th Sanae Overwintering Team 2007

Sanae 46

Leonard Maree (Electronic Eng./Deputy Leader);  Vincent Rademeyer (Diesel Mechanic);  Tamara Spinks (Medical Orderly);  Fritz Grobbelaar (Mechanical Eng.);  Zamikhaya Magagotya (HF Radar Eng.);  Gert Benadé (Electrical Eng./Leader).

Andries van Staden (Meteorologist);  Chantal Steyn (Anoks/Amigo Scientist);  Anton Feun (IPY Scientist);  Ronald Collatz (Diesel Mechanic).

45th Sanae Overwintering Team 2006

Sanae 45

Leon Prinsloo (Mechanical Eng);  Nole Green (Diesel Mech).

Fritz Grobbelaar (Potch);  Rivaaj Garibdass (Team Leader/Radio Engineer); Geraldinah Mjali (Doctor); Sbu Maduna (Diesel Mech);  Lötter Kock (HMO);  Samantha Linnerts (Meteorologist);  Kevin Duma (Elec Eng).

44th Sanae Overwintering Team 2005

Sanae 44

Jonathan Starke (Medical doctor/Team leader);  Chris van der Merwe (HF-radar/seismo scientist);
Martin Slabber (Electrical engineer/Deputy leader);  Mfanukhona Joseph Nhlapo (Electronics engineer);
August Arnold (Diesel mechanic);  Gracious Banda (Mechanical engineer);  Aiden Flack (Diesel mechanic);
Shadrack Podile (Meteorologist);  Brian Bowie (ANOKS/AMIGO scientist);

43rd Sanae Overwintering Team 2004

Sanae 43

Struan Cockcroft, Deon Gouvias, Rupert Niemand, Leon Engelbrecht,
Mark Loubser, Beneke de Wet.

Pieter Wolmarans, Shorty Terblanche.

42nd Sanae Overwintering Team 2003

Sanae 42

Hansie van Rooyen (Mechanical Eng & Deputy);   Darren Ritchie (Diesel Mechanic & Leader);  Ewald Ferreira (Electronic Eng); Johan Bijker (Potchkassie).

Thamie Nyembe (Electrical Eng);  Matome Sekgala (Doctor);  Naas Janse van Rensburg (HF-Radar Eng); 
Vumani Masondo (Diesel Mechanic);  Kobus Steyn (Metkassie).

41st Sanae Overwintering Team 2002

Sanae 41

Leon du Plessis (Potch Kassie & Deputy);  Anton Grobler (Radio Tech);  Steven Jansen (Dieso);  Meraai Smit (Doc); Nole Green (Dieso);  Willem Truter (Mech Ing);  Garron Fish (Radar Ing).


Kobus Steyn (Met Kassie & Team Leader);  Joshua Nkosi (Electrical Ing).

40th Sanae Overwintering Team 2001

Sanae 40


Robert Inglis (Mechanical Engineer);  Adrian Adonis (Diesel Mechanic);  Anton Grobler (Electronic Engineer);  Stephan de Wet (Electrical Engineer);  Dirk Uys (HF Radar Engineer).


Farouk Parker (Medical Doctor/Leader);  Aiden Flack (Diesel Mechanic);  Ntembeko 'Zinho' Njovane (Anoks Scientist);  Carl Bellingan (Amigo Scientist);  Charne Reyneke (Meteorologist/Deputy Leader).

39th Sanae Overwintering Team 2000

Sanae 39

Michael Rabotho (Diesel);  Riaan du Preez (Mechanical);  Tankiso Modise (Durban);  Jaco Minnie (Potch); 
David Volschenk (Diesel + 2IC);  Jan Wiid  (Radar).

Mike Johannes (Weer);  Armin Deffur (Doctor + Leader);  Paul van Warmelo (Electrical);  Morne Smit (Komms).

38th Sanae Overwintering Team 1999

Sanae 38

Fanus Olivier;  James Kwalepe;  Duncan Cromarty;  Mike Cromhout;  Conrad Mahlase;  Andre Bothe.

Ryan Earle;  Karel Koster;  Ernest Buitendag.

37th Sanae Overwintering Team 1998

Sanae 37

Lucy (Paul’s girlfriend);  Jason Whiting (Communications Manager);  Johan Nel (PU Scientist - Riometer); Esme Nel (Doctor); Franscois Hofmeyr (Mechanical Engineer);  Boasa Tladi (Diesel Mechanic).

Michael Walker (Diesel Mechanic);  Paul Booyens & NEB (Team Leader);  Lindsay Dawes (UND Scientist); 
Rossouw Visser (Electrical Engineer);  Barend Bezuidenhout (PU Scientist – Radar).

36th Sanae Overwintering Team 1997

Sanae 36

Etienne Hugo (Electrical engineer);  Burt Wilson (PU scientist);  Aithne Rowse (Doctor & first woman SANAE member);  Hein de Beer (Electronic engineer);  Bez Bezuidenhout (Diesel Mech.); Jacques la Cock (Diesel Mech.).

David Frank (Met / Leader);  André Larisma (UND scientist);  Piet Swanevelder (PU scientist).

35th Sanae Overwintering Team 1994

Sanae 35

Neville Craig (Radio Technician); Ken Rice (Natal Physicist); Peter Klaver (Doctor); Johan Saunders (Leader); John Huyser (Diesel Mechanic).


Dawie Arndt (Natal Physicist); Pieter Snyman (Potch Physicist); Jan Joubert (Diesel Mechanic); Byron Sokolich (Communicator).

34th Sanae Overwintering Team 1993

Sanae 34

Brendon Grunewald (Natal); Rory Heather-Clark (Leader); Fanie Schoeman (Potch); Johan Eitner (Dieso); Mark trollop (Doc); Manus Mulder (Radio Op); Brindsley Archer (Radio Tech); Mario Del Mistro (Natal); Leon Snyders (Dieso).

33rd Sanae Overwintering Team 1992

Sanae 33

Patrick Fortuin (R.O); Callie Schoeman (Dominee); Eric Petzer (Natal); Malcolm Smith (Natal); Mike Mathews (Potch); Wessel Strydom (Doc); Kobus Venter (R. Tech); Neil Comfort (Met).

Sean Marx (Dieso); Craig Butler (R.O); Billy van der Poll (Met); Dawie Vorster (Met); Jan Hattingh (Leader); Lawrence Kieser (Dieso).

32nd Sanae Overwintering Team 1991

Sanae 32

Jors Rohlandt (Radio Tech);  Danie Swart (Dieso);  Thys Lambrechts (Snr Dieso);  Arnoud de Nooy (Snr Met);
Vincent Verwey (Snr RO);  Hennie Pelzer (Potchie);  Bob Steenhof-Snetlage (Jnr RO).

Nigel Basel (Natal Kassie);  Anton Schutte (Jnr Met);  George McFie (Fuhrer & Hermanus Kassie);  Rene de Wet (Doc);  Stephan Terblanche (Jnr Met).

31st Sanae Overwintering Team 1990

Sanae 31

Paulo Caldiera;  Lawrence Kieser;  Frank Sokolic;  Scarre Celliers;  Rene de Wet;
Maans Basson;  Dirk Wessels;  Pieter Greyling;  Pieter Raath;  Greg Bodeker;  Ivan Dalglish.

30th Sanae Overwintering Team 1989

Sanae 30

Niall Cameron (Radio Technician);  Chris Potrawiak (Snr Diesel Mechanic);  Steve van Niekerk (Snr Communicator);  Johan van Rensburg (Doctor);  Marthinus Kock (Hermanus);  Paul van Wyk (Potch);  Theo Carter (Snr Met);  Ian Alleman (Met);  Greeff Slabber (Diesel Mechanic);  Chis Kirchoff (Met).

Chris van Jaarsveld (Leader)  John Goetsch (Rhodes)  Charles Oertal (Natal)  Craig Butler (Communicator)

29th Sanae Overwintering Team 1988

Sanae 29

Adriaan van Zyl;  Ted Barlett;  Rod Alexander;  Stephen Irons;  Greg Duvill;  Phil Slier;  Bauke Duvenhage;
Jannie vd Merwe;  Pieter Greyling.

Andy Watson;;  Bun Booyens;  Christo van Rensburg;  Fred van der Merwe;  Des Griggs.

28th Sanae Overwintering Team 1987

Sanae 28

Louis Rhoode;  Loekie Venter;  John Walker;  Eugene Burger;  Jo Daniel;  Japie Maré;  Phil de Wet;

André Smit;  Gavin Hough;  Steve Comfort;  Dave McKay;  Rob Cole;  Mark Zunkel;  Andy Cooper;  Dan vd Heever.

27th Sanae Overwintering Team 1986

Sanae 27

Jeff Ryan;  Reiner Friedel;  Bo Bonnevie;  Hendrik Breytenbach;  Steven Hatfil;  Patrick O’Hara;  Mark Allix;  Andre Joubert.

Graham Blyth;  Mark Steyn;  David Hulbert;  Johan Opperman;  Wim Matthee;  Robert Smith;  Dawid Serfontein.

26th Sanae Overwintering Team 1985

Sanae 26

Martin Visagie;  Lindsay Johnson (Leader);  Michael Hocknell;  Rory Cunningham.


Roger van Ryn;  Gregory Duvill;  David Ireland;  Phil Uys.

Roddney Alexande;r  Mark Boekstein (Dep. Leader);  Andre Coetzer;  Michael Kosch;  Jacques v Niekerk;
Raoul Scholtz (Dr);  Julius Ludwig.