6th SANAP Symposium Reflections – Infrastructure sessions

On the 2nd day of the symposium there were two sessions on infrastructures in SANAP. It was the first time at a SANAP symposium that this was held. First session the South African Polar Research Infrastructure (SAPRI) was presented to the SANAP community.

SAPRI was represented by Anne Treasure, Tammy Morris, Anche Louw, Rabia Mathakutha, Errol Julies, Abuyiselwe Nguna and Riesna Audh. During the SAPRI session, information was provided about what SAPRI is, what has been achieved and what is to come from the four SAPRI Integrated Facilities (Data, Products and Society (DPS), Long-Term Observations on Land (LTO-Land), Long-Term Observations in the Ocean (LTO-Ocean) and the Polar Lab, the SAPRI Data Centre, Societal Platforms and details on the Society activities.

Above: (L-R) back: Abuyiselwe Nguna (LTO-Land Research Coordinator), Errol Julies (Senior Electronics Technician), Tammy Morris (Ocean & Polar Coordinator for SAEON/SAPRI), Anche Louw (Society Manager), Rabia Mathakutha (DPS Research Coordinator); (front) Marcello Vichi (Polar Lab User Fora Chair), Anne Treasure (DPS Coordinating Manager) and Riesna Audh (Polar Lab Research Coordinator). Photo Credit: Anché Louw

To highlight:

The SAPRI Data Centre: The SAPRI Data Centre was introduced to the SANAP community as a unified repository with a dedicated Data Management Plan and a trustworthy data repository for marine and polar data. The SANAP community is encouraged to make use of this new infrastructure.  If you would like to take part in the user needs assessment of the SAPRI data and information systems, please click here.

Societal Platforms: Do you want to be a mentor or a mentee? As Rabia demonstrated during the presentation, it all starts with that one person (in some cases more than one) who pulled you out of your comfort zone and took you on board, ensuring you reach new levels within your studies or your early career.   

SAPRI is currently doing a user needs assessment for the SAPRI Mentorship Programme for postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers (ECRs), in collaboration with the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists South Africa (APECS SA) and the South African Network for Coastal and Oceanic Research (SANCOR). SANAP postgraduate students and ECRs are encouraged to take part in this needs assessment. Click here.

Society: Please contact Anche Louw, if you would like to be part of the SAPRI Science Engagement efforts, especially, if your project is infrastructurally supported (or you would like it to be supported) by SAPRI.

Polar Lab: On the 4th day of the Symposium Marcello Vichi gave an overview of the Polar Lab its design and activities that will take place at this laboratory

SCALEThe infrastructure sessions was concluded with a session on SCALE chaired by Sandy Thomalla with the question where to next and when. Info on SCALE2022 here

  • Read more about SAPRI in the leaflet supplied in 6th SANAP Symposium Delegates bag.
  • SAPRI proposal executive summary available here.

Text for SAPRI session supplied by Anché Louw. Photo credit of presenters: Anché Louw

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