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Job Title StationPeriodClosing Date Job Advert
Diesel MechanicMarion IslandApril 2024 to May 202526 February 2024Click here
Senior Meteorological Technician: Marion Island Marion IslandApril 2024 to May 202523 February 2024Click here
Assistant Meteorological Technician:Marion IslandApril 2024 to May 202523 February 2024Click here
Overwintering: Mouse-Free Marion Project Research assistantMarion IslandApril 2024 to May 202512 February 2024Click here
Overwintering: Communications engineerMarion IslandApril 2024 to May 202505 February 2024Click here
Overwintering: Field Researcher - Mouse impacts on Invertebrates and plantsMarion IslandApril 2024 to May 202504 February 2024Click here

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