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Current Projects.

Research ProjectAffiliationPrincipal Investigator
SEAmester-South Africa's Floating UniversityUCTProf IJ Ansorge
The Digital SA Agulhas II - Flagship for Vessel 4.0SUProf A Bekker
On-island impacts of climate change on the Southern Ocean’s iconic seabirds.UCT Dr S Cunningham
The biological carbon pump in a changing Southern Ocean.UCTDr SE Fawcett
Micronutrient and pollutant trace elements at the air-sea interface of the Southern Ocean UJDr S Fietz
Crustal evolution of Dronning Maud LandUJDr G Grantham
Marion Island mouSe Ecology (MISE)UPProf M Greve
EcogenomicsUJProf B van Vuuren
SANAE HF radarSANSAProf MJ Kosch
South African Antarctic Artists and Writers Programme (AWP) PilotUPDr CM Lavery
Polar Space Weather StudiesSANSADr SI Lotz
Interactive effects of multiple stressors and environmental change on seabird breeding performanceDFFEDr A B Makhado
Decoding the mercury cycle in the Southern Ocean: in situ observations and advanced modeling SAWSMr L Martin
Landscape and climate interactionsUFHProf W Nel
Marion Island Top Predator Long-Term ObservationsSAEONMr A A Nguna
Southern Ocean Carbon-Heat Nexus: mixed-layer processes & feedbacks for improved climate projectionsCSIR Dr S Nicholson
Antarctic Legacy of South AfricaSUMs R Olivier
Growth dynamics of sea ice and how they affect the sea ice mechanicsUCTT Rampai
SeaSUDr E M Rudolph
ECOSOPHY - Emergent constraints on Southern Ocean phytoplankton physiologyCSIRDr T Ryan-Keogh
Structural Glaciological Analysis of North-Western Antarctic Ice Shelf (SANAS)UCTDr S Skatulla
Provenance and paleomagnetics of the rocks of the Grunehogna Craton in Western Dronning Maud LandUJDr H van Niekerk
Antarctic MIZ Observations: Interdisciplinary approaches to resolve seasonal sea-ice variabilityUCTMs R Verrinder

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