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Current Projects.

Research ProjectAffiliationPrincipal Investigator
SEAmester-South Africa's Floating UniversityUCTProf IJ Ansorge
The Digital SA Agulhas II - Flagship for Vessel 4.0SUProf A Bekker
Avian scavengers as indicators of recovery of an island biotaNMUDr MA Connan
Comparative microbial ecology of pan-Antarctic soilsUPProf DA Cowan
Marion Island Marine Mammals in Changing Environments: Individual Heterogeneity and Population ProcessesUPProf PJN de Bruyn
Parallel cycling of nitrogen and iron in the upper Southern Ocean: implications for biological CO2 drawdown and global ocean fertilityUCTDr SE Fawcett
Africa, Antarctica and the ArtsUPDr CM Lavery
Polar Space Weather StudiesSANSADr SI Lotz
Enhanced insights regarding the ecology, evolution and function of marine microbiomesUPProf TP Makhalanyane
Ross seal ecology, behaviour and physiology in a changing environmentUNISADr T McIntyre
Observing Dawn in the CosmosUKZNProf K Moodley
Seasonal Iron speciation in the Southern Ocean, from open ocean environments to naturally fertilized sub-Antarctic Islands (Marion and Gough Islands)DFFEDr TN Mtshali
Landscape and climate interactionsUFHProf W Nel
Contemporary and Future Drivers of CO2 and Heat in the Southern OceanCSIR Dr S Nicholson
Antarctic Legacy of South AfricaSUMs R Olivier
Influence of physical and biogeochemical processes on the Mechanical properties of Antarctic Sea IceUCTT Rampai
Signal Processing and Control of a long-range Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Cetacean Detection in the Antarctic and Southern SeaSUProf DJJ Versfeld
SANAE HF radarSANSAProf MJ Kosch

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