The last session on oceans and marine ecosystems under global change within the Marine and Antarctic Research Strategy research themes was chaired by Tarron Lamont. The session focussed on  Physics to Top Predators at islands and seamounts in the Southern Ocean. (Above 


Above:   Marcel van den Berg,  Issufo Halo, Jenny Huggett, Fannie Shabangu

  • T Lamont:  Mesoscale eddies influencing the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands: Origin, pathways, and characteristics. (Abstract)
  • MA van den Berg:  Influence of eddies and fronts on the shelf seas of the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands. (Abstract)
  • T Toolsee:  The interannual/decadal scale and long-term trends of surface hydrography around the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands. (Abstract)
  • I Halo:  Surface and subsurface hydrographic variability at the Prince Edward Islands: Perspectives from the high-resolution GLORYS model. (Abstract)
  • SA du Preez:   Zooplankton variability around the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands and the influence of the environment. (Abstract)                         
  • R Daniels:  Killer whale acoustic patterns respond to prey abundance and environmental variability around the Prince Edward Islands, Southern Ocean. (Abstract)
  • I Schafer:  Acoustic occurrence and behaviour of Baleen Whales during winter around Prince Edward Islands. (Abstract)      
  • A Sneddon:  Marine Heatwave characteristics in the South Atlantic and South Indian Oceans. (Abstract)
  • JA Huggett:  Towards eco-regionalisation of the eastern subantarctic pelagic zone – mapping zooplankton communities at the Prince Edward Islands. (Abstract)
  • FW Shabangu:  Rhyming in the cold: Fish calls between two sub-Antarctic Islands, Southern Ocean. (Abstract)
  • FW Shabangu:  Life near the sea ice edge: Listening for whales off the Maud Rise, Antarctica. (Abstract)

Above (l-r): Sarah du Preez, Robyn Daniels, Ivana Schafer,  Amber Sneddon

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