Preparatory phase in full swing at SAPRI – Positions available

Preparatory phase in full swing at SAPRI – Positions available

SAPRI – Transforming, Consolidating and Strengthening Polar Sciences

Four new positions are available as part of the SAPRI professional development acceleration program which ties in with the SAPRI transformation drive. These positions are not the integrated facility coordinator positions, but they are growth positions within each IF.  The South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) is a research platform funded by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and managed by the National Research Foundation (NRF). SAEON is mandated to establish and manage long-term environmental observatories; maintain reliable long-term environmental data sets; promote access to data for research and/or informed decision-making; and contribute to capacity building. These positions are supported by the DSI’s South African Polar Research Infrastructure (SAPRI) programme.

From SAPRI Proposal: “South Africa is in dire need of transformation and capacity development within the polar science community. A key aspect of the uniqueness of South African Antarctic science is that it is the only African country involved on the Antarctic continent, and therefore has a leadership role to play in promoting African Antarctic science. Whereas SAPRI represents the transformation of an existing system and a new way of doing, the issue of transformation along demographic criteria is pertinent for SAPRI. The SAPRI needs to develop young black and / or female scientists, technicians and engineers. Antarctic research should not only be a workspace for those who study environmental science, but also attainable to those who study engineering, social sciences, creative arts, journalism, law, finance and management. SAPRI will promote the multidisciplinary nature of research possibilities in the Antarctic sphere, expanding our reach, our research footprint and the diversity of our community.”

Research Coordinator – Data, Products and Society

Research Coordinator – Oceans and Atmosphere

Research Coordinator – Polar Lab

Research Coordinator – Terrestrial

Please note SAEON/SAPRI  has some data curator, ocean modelling and Senior IT systems administrator positions open, all of them can be found here.

It is important to note firstly that these are not pure academic/science positions but the aim is to train people in a broader scope of work, although there is a science component; secondly, the candidates do not have to have experience in the Southern Ocean/polar field but they do need to have experience in the relevant field.

SCAR Delegates Meeting 2022 – Feedback

SCAR Delegates Meeting 2022 – Feedback

The XXXVII SCAR Delegates Meeting took place in Goa, India, during the first week of September. Bettine van Vuuren and Tracy Klarenbeek represented South Africa during this meeting.

To represent a country, the Delegates need to prepare themselves in advance to be able to give feedback and to make decisions during these meetings. Bettine led the delegation for South Africa and gathered the necessary input from the SA National Committee for SCAR.

During the meeting, Prof Steven Chown of Monash University, previously from South Africa, was awarded Honorary Membership to SCAR, and we would like to congratulate him on this award.

Two new SCAR Vice Presidents were appointed during this meeting: Prof Burcu Ozsoy from Turkey and Dr Marcelo Leppe from Chile

Future events were announced, and these will be updated on the SANAP website.

SCAR Biology Symposium 31 July – 3 August 2023 – Christchurch, New Zealand

The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Symposium – 14 – 18 August 2023 – Hobart, Australia

2024 SCAR Open Science Conference  19 – 23 August 2024 – Pucon, Chile and SCAR Delegates meeting 26 – 29 August 2024 – Punta Arenas, Chile

2026 SCAR Open Science Conference –  Norway

News from Gough Island – Final newsletter

News from Gough Island – Final newsletter

It is with mixed emotions that we send these final greetings from the G67  team! The time has come to present our ultimate Bunting newsletter before handing over the reins to the next editor(s) who will be responsible for  introducing the resilient members of G68.” – Editor Gough Bunting.

Read the final Newsletter form the Gough67 Overwintering Team. Inside this issue:

“Goodbye Gough Island and thank you for everything.” – Sandile Nkebe (Team
leader of G67)

SAPRI Operations Coordinator Appointed: Nish Devanunthan

SAPRI Operations Coordinator Appointed: Nish Devanunthan

Nishendra (Nish) Devanunthan (right) has been appointed as the Operations Coordinator for the South African Polar Research Infrastructure (SAPRI) of the Logistics Node. He will work directly with Dr Juliet Hermies (left), the acting director of SAPRI.


The operations coordinator will be based at SAEON Egagasini Node, in Cape Town, and will be responsible for the day-to-day operational and logistical management of SAPRI. The main responsibilities will be to support effective communication and coordination between SAPRI stakeholders, coordinate Supply Chain Management activities at SAPRI to meet organizational objectives, and support the promotion of transformation within polar science. Nish Devanunthan brings to SAPRI a wealth of knowledge in engineering, logistics, operations, and project management. His understanding of navigating the public administration landscape, public procurement, stakeholder engagement, planning and execution of logistics are very relevant to his appointment as operations coordinator.

Nish hails from a small town in KwaZulu-Natal on the North Coast and completed his MBA in 2017. His previous appointment was the Director of Southern Oceans & Antarctic Support in the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE): Oceans & Coasts since 2013. His activities and responsibilities as director at DFFE, such as planning, forecasting, and overseeing execution of projects as well as financial and contract management will be very relevant to his appointment as operations coordinator. Read more.

He has been to SANAE IV, Marion Island, and Gough Island and was South Africa’s representative at the Council for Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP), and has attended the past Antarctic Treaty consultative meeting (ATCM).


Read more about Nish Devanunthan in the mid-month series on the SANAP website.


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