This is the first of many video’s taken by the team of Antarctic Legacy of South Africa, while visiting the SANAE IV station during this current take-over (2018/2019).

This series of videos will be posted over the next few months (See playlist on Facebook here: SEASON 1: Antarctica Take-Over 2018/2019) to introduce you to the overwintering team and the support staff of this take-over.

Watch these videos and learn more about the different operations involved in such an expedition. 

VIDEO#1: Meet this take-over’s DCO (Departmental Coordinating Officer) – Chuma Phamoli.

Antarctica 2019 – Video #1: Meet the DCO

VIDEO #1 – Antarctica 2019 Meet the Departmental Coordinating Officer (DCO) of the current Antarctica take-over, Chuma Phamoli. Watch this video to learn more about her role and responsibilities as DCO. #Antarctica #SANAEIV #SANAEIVvideos #MeettheTeam #TakeOver #AntarcticaOperations #AntarcticaInterviews

Posted by Antarctic Legacy of South Africa on Thursday, 21 February 2019

I hope that you will enjoy this journey with us!


Anché Louw, Antarctic Legacy of South Africa, 26 February 2019

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