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Antarctica and the surrounding Southern Ocean are remote and endure a particularly harsh environment, being the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth. The position the region is also globally unique because of an uninterrupted circumpolar circulation, which not only regulates global and regional climate through heat, moisture and CO2 exchange, but also ocean productivity through its supply of nutrients. The long-term accumulation of ice in Antarctica provides a record that retains a signal of past global changes and through them, clues to future dynamics. The Antarctic and Southern Ocean are critical where international scientific investigation is inextricably linked to our understanding of the fundamental drivers of the entire Earth system. Antarctica and Southern Ocean Research Plan

South Africa is the only African nation with a foothold in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.  It therefore bears a regional responsibility and serves as a channel for broader African scientific research interests in the Antarctic region.


Click on this link, sit back and enjoy virtual footage of the ice surrounding Antarctica.

(Satelite image: Google 22 April 2020. Video Credit: Eduan Teich)



© South African National Antarctic Programme • Managed and administered by Antarctic Legacy of South Africa • Photo Credits
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