October and November were two enormously busy months. The elephant seals’ breeding season came to an abrupt end and immediately shifted to the moulting season. Brown skua nests and small chicks have started to appear widespread across the island. Flowers are in full bloom from the coast to the midlands; and the new Wandering Albatross breeding pairs have suddenly made their appearance on the Marion plains, while the past year’s Wanderer-juveniles have almost all fledged by now. The team is in high spirits as we approach the festive season and we are enjoying sunnier days. The wind speeds, however, have kept their ‘Roaring Forties’ name, respectably high. Enjoy this edition of The Wanderer! – Elsa van Ginkel

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  • A word from the editors
  • Meet the Astrophysicist and the SAWS team
  • Fashionable Field Gear
  • Marion’s Marvelous Birds
  • Memorable Shots!
  • Battle of The Bulls
  • A Job to ‘Killer Whale’
  • Island Life
  • Celebrations
  • Circle of Life – Round Island for the Readers
  • What have the team been up to in October and November?
  • Memorable shots

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