Have you ever considered working at the South African National Antarctic Expedition Station (SANAE IV)? Are you a South African citizen? Are you a Diesel Mechanic and want to know what is expected of you when you work on Antarctica?

First of all note that any position at SANAE IV is not permanent and is approximately 15 months contract. Some positions might be longer due to the training involved before departure to Antarctica.

Here are the main duties of a Diesel Mechanic on Antarctica:

• Maintenance of power generator and vehicle diesel engines and related equipment;

• Maintenance and repairs of Air-conditioning system, refrigeration, water reticulation and waste water systems;

• Replacement and repair of mechanical pumps and valves as well as pipe fitting;

• Maintenance and minor repairs of Caterpillar machines, snowmobiles, telescopic cranes, portable generators and transfer pumps. Operate Caterpillar machines and cargo handling equipment;

• Maintenance of cabooses (field caravan) and field equipment.

• Report to the mechanical engineer and will perform additional base related mechanical and civil functions requested by the mechanical engineer and also be part of a technical team, led by a technical team manager, that has to perform any additional base related technical functions;

• Preparation of monthly and annual reports and other common “non-technical” duties performed by expedition members.


Meet the Diesel Mechanic of the 57th SANAE Overwintering Team (Season: December 2017 – March 2019), John Skelete.

If you have what is takes, keep an eye on the SANAP website for the next season (December 2019 – February 2021) job openings (click here).


Contact Mr Willem Boshoff for more information regarding this position – Telephone (021) 405 9418.

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Anché Louw, Antarctic Legacy of South Africa, 14 May 2019

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