During the 6th Symposium sessions were allocated to cross cutting disciplines and it led to great presentations and discussions. 

Science Engagement and Awareness within SANAP

Anché Louw of the South African Polar Institute and co-investigator of the Antarctic Legacy if South Africa chair the session and begin the session with a presentation on the Antarctic Legacy Internet footprint.

She told her story when she started within the SANAP program as an honors student in Botany. she highlight the importance that as researchers we need to communicate our work and create awareness for the science that we participate in.

Sarah Fawcett asked Anché to highlight the possibilities of Wiley publishing and due to an agreement researchers can publish in a huge variety of journals at no cost, and those papers will be fully open access. Similar agreements have recently been negotiated with Springer and Elsevier, so there’s really no reason any of us should be paying for publication. A Leaflet was include in the welcoming package of all participants. Dr. Pete Convey also mentioned the possibilities and opportunities within SCAR where researchers can publish.


The session included an e-poster by Ria Olivier of the LSA digital museum. The museum can be downloaded from the ALSA archive



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