A session has been included in the 6th SANAP symposium to include the Prince Edward Island scientific survey members as they were arriving late on the 29 November. As a cross discipline on Data Management and the Summer Survey Participants. Christel Hansen chaired the session ‘Data and frameworks in the support of polar research’.  

Above(l-r): Newi Makhado, Janine Schoombie, Chris Oosthuizen, David Hedding, Stefan Schoombie

  • Newi Makhado:  Ecoregionalisation of the pelagic zone in the Subantarctic and subtropical Indian Ocean. 
  • Janine Schoombie:  Studies of wind, plants and seabirds on Marion Island. (Abstract)
  • Chris Oosthuizen:  Marine predators: ecosystem sentinels that help inform Southern Ocean management. (Abstract)
  • David Hedding:  A geospatial database for the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands. (Abstract)
  • Stefan Schoombie:  Non-breeding distribution and moulting activity of Blue Petrels (Halobaena caerulea) breeding on sub-Antarctic Marion Island. 
  • Christel Hansen:  Consistent mapping and geospatial information representation in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic: why South Africans should care. (Abstract)

Above: Scientific Survey members taken on Prince Edward Island. Azwianewi Makhado, Maëlle Connan, David Hedding, Charlene Janion-Scheepers , Rowan Jordaan, Makhudu Masotla, Thomas Mufanadzo, Chris Oosthuizen, Liezl Pretorius, Janine Schoombie, Stefan Schoombie, Yinhla Shihlomule, and Elsa van Ginkel. Read more

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