The Early Career Event at the SANAP symposium was a first for Early Career Researchers(ECR), but also for the first time during a SANAP symposium recognition was given for oral and poster presentations done by ECR’s. (above9l-r): Awardees – Joshua Tsamba, Saffiyah Moos, Ben Steyn, Stephni van der Merwe, Lillina Ruiters, Morgan Raath-Kruger)

(l-r): Joshua Tsamba, Saffiyah Moos, Ben Steyn receiving their certificates

Oral Presentations:

  • 1st          Joshua Tsamba:  The first record of fungal endophytes associated with the sub-Antarctic cushion plant, Azorella selago (Apiaceae) on Marion Island. PI – Dr Michele Greve (Abstract)
  • 2nd          Safiyyah Moos:  Investigating the dynamics and exchanges across the ice-ocean interface in artificial sea ice. PI – Dr Tokoloho Rampai (Abstract)
  • 3rd          Ben Steyn:  A Longitudinal Study of the Open-Water Performance of an Ice-Class Vessel. PI- Prof Annie Bekker (Abstract)

(l-r) Certificates handed to Stephni van der Merwe, Lillina Ruiters, Morgan Raath Kruger( had to leave before ceremony)

Poster Presentations:

  • 1st          Stephni van der Merwe: Long-term vegetation change (1965-2020) in response to rapid warming and drying in a sub-Antarctic tundra: evidence from repeat photography.  PI – Dr Michelle Greve (Abstract)
  • 2nd          Lillina Ruiters: Variability of phytoplankton photo physiology in the Southern Ocean: an analysis of assumptions and uncertainties . PI- Dr Sandy Thomalla (Abstract)
  • 3rd          Morgan Raath- Kruger:  Do anisotropic processes influence fine-scale spatial genetic structure of a keystone sub-Antarctic plant species? PI – Prof Peter Le Roux (Abstract)

The symposium was an opportunity for human capital development. It is supported by the government and a peer-reviewed research programme that will provide future opportunities for all young, early career and established researchers working in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica and Islands. The students had the opportunity to present their work to a wider audience either in an oral or poster presentation. The SANAP symposium gave the students planning to present on international a ‘practice run’ with feedback. 

Awards for oral and poster presentations were given to early-career scientists. These awards were to give recognition to Early career researchers and the effort they did in preparing and presenting their research.  Principal Investigators made themselves available to mark presentations of ECR’s via a marksheet and we appreciate their time and comments. We congratulate the awardees and their Principal investigators and hope this recognition will motivate them in their career development. (above: Michelle Greve, Sandy Thomalla, Annie Bekker, Tokoloho Rampai, Peter le Roux)

Certificates signed by Dr Gilbert Siko of the Department of Science and innovation and Ms Tracy Klarenbeek form the National Research Foundation were handed to the recipients. There were a few Honours students that participate in the symposium and there presentations were of high standard and although they do not qualify for the ECR awards we would like to mention Sarah du Preez and Amber Sneddon for their Presentations. (above (l-R): Dr Gilbert Siko, Honour students with Annie Bekker and Tracy Klarenbeek, Tracy Klarenbeek)

Images of ceremony credit: Anche Louw (SA Polar Research Infrastructure and Antarctic Legacy of SA)

© South African National Antarctic Programme • Managed and administered by Antarctic Legacy of South Africa • Photo Credits
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