The last session within the Marine and Antarctic Research Strategy research theme :  : Ecosystems, biodiversity and biodiscovery was chaired  by Pierre Pistorius of the Marine Apex Predator Research Unit (MAPRU) at Nelson Mandela University.  To kick off the session, the Mouse-Free Marion (MFM) Project’s Assistant Project Manager, Sue Tonin, gave a plenary lecture. This was followed by more presentations on ornithology research. (Above: group photo of  MAPRU with Sue Tonin. Left: Pierre Pistorius. Right: Sue Tonin)

Above (l-r): Vonica Perold, Tegan Walker, Shamiso Banda, Danielle Keys, Eleanor Weideman

  • Dr Sue Tonin                Eradicating Invasive House Mice Mus musculus from Marion Island: Gains and Challenges (Abstract)
  • Vonica Perold             South Atlantic seabirds can be used as bioindicators to monitor small buoyant plastics at sea. (Abstract)          
  • Tegan Walker              Influence of diet and environmental parameters on Brown Skua breeding success at Marion Island            
  • Shamiso Banda         Gauging the threat: exposure and attraction of Sooty Albatrosses and White-Chinned Petrels to fisheries activities in the southern Indian Ocean                                       
  • Danielle Keys              Foraging behaviour of adult Wandering Albatrosses (diomedea exulans) in relation to growth and success of their offspring.          
  • Pierre Pistorius          Tracking Southern Ocean predators to identify ecologically important habitat                                       
  • Eleanor Weideman   Seasonal attendance patterns and habitat use of three avian scavengers at sub-Antarctic Marion Island. (Poster)                                       

Above (l-r):Maelle Connan, Stefan Schoombie, Robyn Adams, John Cooper

Maelle Connan and Stefan Schoombie were part of the Prince Edward Island Scientific Expedition and were able to join the session. Stefan’s presentation was given in the Summer Survey session later on in the day. Support for Sue’s plenary came from Robyn Adams, MFM Communications Officer and Project Assistant, and John Cooper, MFM News Correspondent.

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