Stephanus Schoeman

Current engineer at Marion Island is Stephanus Schoeman: “One of the five Marion Island first-timers is SANSA Space Weather Engineer Stephanus Schoeman. He will monitor and maintain systems, report on the status of different instruments, and develop new hardware and software to maximise efficiency, reliability and uptime of the systems.”
“On the island we have a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) scintillation receiver, magnetometer, Very Low Frequency (VLF) antenna with five different analytic systems, and a riometer,” he says.
Schoeman helped upgrade a tide gauge, which forms part of the International Tsunami Early Warning System. He also helped install a DORIS (Doppler Orbitography and Radio-positioning Integrated by Satellite) beacon, which helps satellites stay in orbit by compensating for loss of altitude due to atmospheric drag. Read the full article

SANSA has again an opportunity for an engineer at Marion Island  for 2021/2020 . The applicants will be expected to

  • Design and build new equipment
  • Maintain and upgrade instrumentation.
  • Install, commission, maintain, calibrate and modify electronic instruments and systems for the collection, reduction and analysis of data.
  • Execute experiments related to Space Weather studies
  • Give core engineering support.

Candidates must be physically fit, have sober habits, be mentally strong and prepared for physically challenging and satisfying work.

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