Message from DDG Judy Beaumont to Marion 77 Overwintering Team: “I want to send a special farewell to the five amazing Marian 77 expedition members who for the first time in the history of the program are experiencing a different, unexpected and never been done before kind of voyage. I’m equally grateful to your family, friends, and loved ones for allowing you to serve the nation even during these trying times in absentia. ….convey my heartfelt gratitude to the Marion 76 those returning and also those that heed the call to remain behind, their sacrifice, generosity and display of the love they have for the program is visible to all”

The S.A. Agulhas II with Captain Knowledge Bengu, his crew and voyage particpants left Cape Town Harbour just after 14h00  on Tuesday 21 April 2020 for Marion Island.

Communication Engineer:   Aphiwe Dyum (M76)
Diesel Mechanic:          Alain Jacobs (M76)
Medical Orderly:          Winnie Moodaley (M76)
Base Engineer:            Patrick Hlongwane
Senior Meteorologist:     Nkoane Mathabata
Assistant Meteorologist:  Khulisa Maphaha
Assistant Meteorologist:  Philani Ngcobo
SANSA Engineer:           Stephanus Schoeman

Winnie Moodaley – Team Leader

Nkoane Mathabata – Deputy Team Leader











Aphiwe Dyum

Alain Jacobs







Stephanus Schoeman

Patrick Hlongwane









Philani Ngcobo

Khulisa Maphaha

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