In this edition:

  • Learn more about spring time at SANAE IV
    • Birds at SANAE IV?
  • The Communications Technician, Aphiwe Dyum, shares his experience thus far as part of the 61st SANAE overwintering team
    • Here are some of the interview questions: 
      • How would you rate SANAE compared to the Marion? (Aphiwe has been on two Marion Island Overwintering Teams , M76 & M77)
      • Share your highlights for this year 2022?
      • What do you miss about home?
      • How do you pass the time when you are not working?
      • What have you learnt from your SANAE colleagues?
      • What would you do to improve awareness for this program?

One of the things I have never done in my life is staying indoors for an entire month without seeing the sunrise/sunset” – Aphiwe

  • Meet the team’s Mechanical Engineer, Deputy Station Leader/ Technical Team Leader, Thulani Ngwaqa
    • Here are some of the interview questions: 
      • What does it take to go through a year at SANAE IV?
      • What activities do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
      • What do you look forward to do when you are back home?
      • How does this program benefit South Africa?

Will there be a third trip?
“Yes, I think there will be a third trip. Once you bond with this place, you keep missing it when you are back home (South Africa)” – Thulani

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Anche Louw, Antarctic Legacy of South Africa, 09 December 2022

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