Announcing a 2nd Edition of the Special Issue focused on “Antarctic Remote Sensing Applications” that will be published in the journal Remote Sensing (IF: 5.000).

The focus of this Special Issue will be on changes that have been and are undergoing in Antarctica mostly driven by climate change but as well by tectonics, volcanism, and erosion, that causes adaptation of Antarctic biota’s occupation and mobility, and of Human presence. Research papers focused on Antarctica that analyze data acquired by remotely operated sensors within the Remote Sensing scope are welcome to this special issue, in particular:

  • Antarctic climate change effect on ice sheet and permafrost state and evolution,
  • Antarctic sea level rise and sea surface temperature anomalies,
  • Antarctic landform formation by tectonics, volcanism, and erosion,
  • Antarctic biota occupation and mobility,
  • Antarctic past and recent human presence.


Researchers working on these topics  express an interest in contributing to this Special Issue by sending a potential title, list of authors and abstract (of about 300 words) to and/or to submit your contributions.

The submission deadline will be 30th September 2024.


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