The SANAP research projects approved for the cycle 2024-2026 are represented under the following Marine and Antarctic Strategy themes.

OCEAN and Marine Ecosystems under Global Change

  • Antarctic MIZ Observations: Interdisciplinary approaches to resolve seasonal sea-ice variability. (UCT)
  • Decoding the mercury cycle in the Southern Ocean: in situ observations and advanced modeling. (SAWS)
  • ECOSOPHY – Emergent constraints on Southern Ocean phytoplankton physiology. (CSIR)
  • Growth dynamics of sea ice and how they affect the sea ice mechanics. (UCT)
  • Micronutrient and pollutant trace elements at the air-sea interface of the Southern Ocean. (SUN)
  • Southern Ocean Carbon-Heat Nexus: mixed-layer processes & feedbacks for improved climate projections. (CSIR)
  • The biological carbon pump in a changing Southern Ocean. (UCT)

Earth Systems Observations

  • Crustal evolution of Dronning Maud Land (UJ)
  • Landscape and Climate Interactions in the sub-Antarctic. (UFH)
  • Polar Space Weather Studies (SANSA)
  • Provenance and paleomagnetics of the rocks of the Grunehogna Craton in Western Dronning Maud Land. (UJ)
  • SANAE HF radar. (SANSA)
  • Structural Glaciological Analysis of North-Western Antarctic Ice Shelf – SANAS (UCT)

 Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Biodiscovery

  • Ecogenomics (UJ)
  • Interactive effects of multiple stressors and environmental change on seabird breeding performance. (DFFE)
  • Marion Island mouSe Ecology – MISE (UP)
  • Marion Island Top Predator Long-Term Observations. (SAEON)
  • On-island impacts of climate change on the Southern Ocean’s iconic seabirds. (UCT)

Innovation and development

  • SA Agulhas II – Flagship for Vessel (4.0) – Part II (SUN)

 Human Enterprise

  • Antarctic Legacy of South Africa. (SUN)
  • SEAmester – South Africa’s Floating University. ( UCT)
  • South African Antarctic Artists and Writers Programme – AWP Pilot. (UP)
  • The Marion Island Hut Book Project. (UFS)

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