Training Tomorrow’s Oceanographers

SEAmester’s success is evident in the academic achievements of its participants. A total of 254 students from over 26 institutes and universities have participated in the program, gaining comprehensive knowledge in oceanography, marine biology, atmospheric forecasting and navigation. The curriculum, developed in collaboration with leading marine scientists and lecturers across South Africa, ensures a balance between theoretical concepts and practical training of skills. SEAmester participants have contributed to several news publications, presenting their findings at national and international (SANAP 2023, IUGG 2023, @SEAnetwork 2022, VC award Ocean Womxn) conferences and workshops.

SEAmester_VI_2023_SAAgulhasIIThe program’s emphasis on research skills and scientific inquiry has empowered students to continue to make meaningful contributions to the field of marine science. Graduates of SEAmester have gone on to pursue advanced degrees and have secured positions in reputable research institutions, environmental organizations, and marine industries. The alumni network continues to grow, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between the cohort of SEAmester students. SEAmester’s success is further exemplified by the growing number of partnerships with academic institutions. Collaborative research projects, joint degree programs, and faculty exchanges have strengthened ties between SEAmester and leading universities in South Africa. International Collaborations: SEAmester is actively exploring partnerships with renowned international institutions to enhance the global reach of its educational offerings. Collaborative research projects and student exchanges will further enrich the program’s diversity and perspective. (Above SEAmester 2023)

As the field of ocean science evolves, SEAmester is committed to incorporating emerging disciplines such as marine robotics, climate science, and biotechnology into its curriculum. This ensures that students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future direction and foci of marine sciences. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, SEAmester continues to develop and teach digital learning/mapping/visual platforms to complement its on-board training.

“SEAmester gave me hope… hope that if you look, opportunities will unfold.” – Ntando.

Below examples of the many articles and presentations coming out of the programme…

A report which is a poll of all 6 SEAmester student cohorts on the importance of their SEAmester experience in shaping their studies, career trajectory etc. will be published soon.

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Text by Isabelle Ansorge.

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