Call for student and lecturer applications for SEAmester VI!

CLOSING date  14 APRIL 2023.

South Africa’s Class Afloat aims to introduce marine science as an applied and cross-disciplinary field to students who have shown an affinity for core science disciplines

SEAmester V 2022 (read more about SEAmester cruises)

Applications are now open for LECTURER and STUDENT participation on the 2023 SEAmester-South Africa’ Class Afloat Programme. CLICK HERE

The Department of Science and Innovation requires platforms to “attract young researchers to the region and retain them by exciting their interest in aspects of global change”. SEAmester introduces marine science as an applied and cross-disciplinary field to students. Its long‐term vision is aimed at building capacity within the marine sciences by co‐ordinating cross‐disciplinary research projects through a highly innovative programme. The strength of SEAmester is that postgraduate students combine theoretical classroom learning with the application of this knowledge through ship-based and hands-on research. The state‐of‐the‐art research vessel, S.A. Agulhas II, provides the ideal teaching and research platform for SEAmester; its size, comfort and shipboard facilities allow large groups of students and lecturers to productively interact over a period of 10 days.  

SEAmester will depart on the 19th June returning to Cape Town on the 30th June 2023.  PLEASE NOTE: Applicants to be aware that the cruise dates may be subject to change by a few days.  For further information please refer to 




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