Today 16 June 2021 on South African Youth Day we congratulate the students within SANAP community that have graduated during the past year.

“The lack of a real graduation ceremony made it less sensational, and we risk to forget that we should celebrate our students’ achievements” – Marcello Vichi

Left: Liezel Rudolph received her PhD certificate (all the way from Fort Hare University) during takeover to Marion Island on the S.A. Agulhas II with supervisors Werner Nel and David Hedding. Right: Brendon Nickerson with his supervisor Annie Bekker at PhD graduation ceremony at Stellenbosch University wearing masks.

Elizabeth RudolphPhDFH - Geography and Environmental SciencesWerner Nel, David Hedding
Towards an improved understanding of the Southern Ocean’s biological pump: Phytoplankton group-specific contributions to nitrogen and carbon cycling across the Subantarctic Indian Ocean
Mapuka NomsaMScFH - Geography and Environmental SciencesWerner Nel
The characteristics and trends of rainfall on sub-Antarctic Marion Island and associated air circulation patterns
Tegan Carpenter-Kling PhDNMU - Zoology (MAPRU)Pierre Pistorius
Foraging in a dynamic environment: Movement and stable isotope ecology of marine top predators breeding at the Prince Edward Archipelago’
Heather ForrerMScUCT - Oceanography (Fawcett Lab)Sarah Fawcett
Towards an improved understanding of the Southern Ocean’s biological pump: Phytoplankton group-specific contributions to nitrogen and carbon cycling across the Subantarctic Indian Ocean
Mark HaguePhDUCT - Oceanography (MARIS)Marcello Vichi
The implications of ice - ocean - atmosphere interactions for phytoplankton phenology in the Southern Ocean
Ashleigh WomackMScUCT - Oceanography (MARIS)Marcello Vichi
Atmospheric drivers of ice drift in the Antarctic marginal ice zone
Jamie JacobsonMScUCT - Oceanography (MARIS)Marcello Vichi, A Mishra,R Verrinder
Development of Antarctic ice-tethered buoys
Ayanda MpalweniMScUCT - Oceanography (MARIS)Marcello Vichi, Sarah Nicholson
Characterising the seasonal response of the mixed layer and the transitional layer to the passage of storms in the Sub-Antarctic Zone
Siobhan JohnsonMScUCT - Oceanography (MARIS)Tokoloho Rampai, Marcello Vichi
Evaluation of the changes in the crystal structure of Antarctic sea ice from the marginal ice zone during winter and spring
Alexis OsborneMScUCT - Zoology (Fitzpatrick Institute)Peter Ryan
Understanding moult patterns in albatrosses and petrels breeding on Marion and Gough Islands
Mancha MabasoMScUP - Natural & Agricultural Sciences (GRI)Thulane Makhalanyane
Elucidating the effects of physicochemical variables on the structure, composition and functionality of microbiomes in the Prince Edward Islands
Sunette VosMScUP - Natural & Agricultural Sciences (GRI)Thulane Makhalanyane, Suzanne Fietz
Viral-host dynamics in marine environments
Liezl PretoriusMScUP - Zoology and EntomologyGreg Hofmeyr, Marthán Bester, Maëlle Connan
Effect of sex and ontogeny on the trophic ecology of Southern Ocean fur seals
Kyle LloydPhDUP - Zoology (MIMMP)Nico de Bruyn, Chris Oosthuizen
Individual variation in male southern elephant seal demography
Rowan JordaanPhDUP - Zoology (MIMMP)Nico de Bruyn, Chris Oosthuizen, Ryan Reisinger
Demographics of Marion Island killer whales
Nico L ü bckerPhDUP - Zoology (MIMMP)Nico de Bruyn, RP Millar
Trophic influences, nutritional status, endocrine response on amino acid metabolism and reproduction of mammals
Yinhla ShilomuleMScUP - Zoology (MIMMP)Nico de Bruyn, Ar Hoezel, Chris Oosthuizen
Hybridization and genetic variation of fur seals at Marion Island
Itai MukutyuMScUP - Zoology (MIMMP)Nico de Bruyn, Mia Wege
Isotopic niche partitioning in sympatric fur seals from Marion Island
Caitlin van der MerweBSc HonnsUP - Zoology (MIMMP)Nico de Bruyn, Cheryl Tosh
Oceanographic indicators of southern elephant foraging area avoidance
Leandri de KockBSc HonnsUP - Zoology (MIMMP)Nico de Bruyn, Chris Oosthuizen
Phenology of southern elephant seal moult
Brendon NickersonPhDUS - Engineering (SVRG)Annie Bekker
Inverse models for ice induced propeller moments on a polar vessel
Gerhard DurandtM.EngUS - Engineering (SVRG)Annie Bekker
Data driven Regression Models for Voyage Cost Optimization Based on the Operating Conditions of the SA Agulhas II
Jesslyn BossauM.EngUS - Engineering (SVRG)Annie Bekker
The Detection and Quantification of Wave slamming from Full Scale Measurements on a Polar Vessel
Armand van ZuydamM.EngUS - Engineering (SVRG)Annie Bekker
An investigation of the seakeeping behaviour of a polar vessel in waves
Nicole TaylorM.EngUS - Engineering (SVRG)Annie Bekker
A Human Cyber Physical System Implementation for Seafarers. (Upgraded to PhD)
Martnique EngelbrechtM.EngUS - Engineering (SVRG)Annie Bekker
Human response to wave induced motion, slamming and whipping. (Upgraded to PhD – awaiting faculty approval)
Jean LoockPhDUS - Geology & Earth SciencesAlakendra Roychoudhury
Austral Summer and Winter Trace Metal Distributions in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic Seasonal Sea Ice
Ryan CloetePhDUS - Geology & Earth SciencesAlakendra Roychoudhury
The distribution and biogeochemical cycling of bioactive trace metals in the Southern Ocean
Tahlia HenryMScPlymouth University - School of Biological and Marine SciencesAlex Nimmo-Smith
Critical analysis of physical drivers of sediment movement at the mouth of the Erme Estuary.



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