Final Newsletter from Gough 66 Overwintering team,

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  • Final Words from the team leader: ” Our 13 months on the island has been filled with a lot of adventure and we were part of history in the making, we accommodated the Geo Searcher crew after they lost their vessel in the sea and got to be part of GIRP. ….  I will forever cherish the time I spent on this island with the rest of G66 team members and all our visitors.”
  • From The editor: “Here we are once again, with another final issue of a Gough Bunting newsletter.  Thank you G66 and GIRP for the best, and busiest, year this island has ever seen.  Thank you all once again, and to all the readers of our newsletters.”
  • THE GOUGH ISLAND RESTORATION PROGRAMME Some closing words from Andrew Callender (Gough Island Programme Executive), Pete McClelland (Operations Manager) and Amy King (Senior Aviculturist) on the restoration of Gough Island.
  • FAREWELL FROM G66 some goodbyes from the Gough Island 66 overwintering team.
  • FROM THE METKASSIES monthly weather stats from the SAWS team
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