It was a great event to welcome back the SANAE62 overwintering team after they spent more than a year at Antarctica. Dr Aby Paton(front 3rd form left), medical doctor of the team did not return as she will be staying on at SANAEIV as team leader and medical doctor for SANAE63.

       The event was organised by Ms Chuma Phamoli, Director of Antarctic and Southern Oceans Islands Support. Dr L Fikizolo, Deputy Director of Oceans and Coasts,  gave the welcome speech and thanked everyone on the voyage for their dedication and hard work to make the take over period successful. “This was the first season that the vessel had cover two destinations (Antarctica and Marion Island) on both the out bound and in bound legs of the voyage. The voyage also gave the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) the necessary platform to undertake their annual maintenance activities at the SANAE IV base and the removal of old infrastructure on Marion Island.” – DFFE

DFFE preparations for welcoming ceremony(image left). Zaid Watson and Mawonga Mandleni provided entertainment while everyone was waiting (image right)

Family, friend and colleagues wait to greet everyone

And then the S.A, Agulhas II arrive at East Pier with those on board





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