During the 6th Symposium sessions were allocated to cross cutting disciplines and it led to great presentations and discussions. 12- 16 February is International Love Data Week with the theme “My Kind of Data” and this is about the data presentations at the SANAP Symposium  “the SANAP community kind of data.”

Data Management
Anne Treasure(right) South Africa’s representative at Standing Committee on Data Management(SCADM) at SCAR and Data Products and Society Manager of the South African Polar Institute(SAPRI) chaired the main session on data management.  This session included very interesting presentations from various science disciplines.


Above(l-r): Leigh McGaughey, JP Barnard, Bjorn Boyes

  • First Presentation was by Leigh McGaughey on “Ecosystem modelling to explore ecosystem dynamics at the Prince Edward Islands.” (abstract)
  • Data management     with JP Barnard delivering a presentation on “Management of Recorded Voyage Data for the SA Agulhas II.”  and discuss intricate models to ensure vessel data is manage correctly. (Abstract)

  • Bjorn Boyes had everyone listening to his talk ” on how to digitally construct sub-Antarctic Marion Island. (Abstract)

On the 30th November more data presentations was given in an ad hoc session chaired by Christel Hansen. Above(l-r): David Hedding, Christel Hansen, Pierre Cilliers

  • David Hedding:  A geospatial database for the sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Islands (Abstract) Read more here and see the dataset 
  • Christel Hansen delivered a presentation on “Consistent mapping and geospatial information representation in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic: why South Africans should care.” (Abstract)
  • During the last research theme session chaired by Stefan Lotz of SANSA,  Pierre Cilliers delivered a presentation on ” The long-term variation of the geomagnetic field in Antarctica as measured in Hermanus, Maitri and at SANAE-IV since 2007.” (Abstract)  




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