Prof Werner Nel chaired the session on earth system Observations under the title: “Antarctic and sub-Antarctic Earth Science”. The session opened with a talk by Geoff Grantham of University of Johannesburg and Werner then introduced research Landscape and climate interactions in the sub-Antarctic.  The session was in the format of a panel  and roundtable discussion. (Above group photo of Landscape research in mountain and polar environments)

In this session  four higher education Institutions were represented.

Above l-r: Geoff Grantham (UJ), Liezel Rudolph (UFS), Abu Nguna (UFH), Sibusiso Sinuka (UFH), Zenande Kabase(UFH) 

  • Dr Geoff Grantham:  Geological and Geophysical Research in Western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. Fieldwork, Laboratory Methods, History and Progress over ~40 years. (Abstract)
  • Prof Werner Nel:  Landscape and climate interactions in the sub-Antarctic: Past, present and future. (Abstract)    
  • Dr Elizabeth Rudolph:  The deglaciation of sub-Antarctic Marion Island. (Abstract)
  • Mr Sibusiso Sinuka:  Towards determining the formation ages of the lithologies on sub-Antarctic Marion Island. (Abstract)
  • Mr Abuyiselwe Nguna: Preliminary results of fallout 137Caesium techniques on Aeolian land features on sub-Antarctic Marion Island . (Abstract)   
  • Mr Zenande Kabase:  Long term trends in extreme daily temperature and precipitation on sub-Antarctic Marion Island from 1950 to 2020. (e-Poster)(Abtract)

Other presentations of this project were given in the data management and humanities sessions as well as David Hedding in the summer survey as he only joined on 30 November due to the Prince Edward Island Scientific Expedition. (l-R: David Hedding (UNISA), Marike Stander (UFS), Bjorn Boyes (UFS)


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