Another session within the Marine and Antarctic Research Strategy research theme :  Innovation and engineering  was chaired  by Annie Bekker of the Sound and Vibration Group  (SVG) at Stellenbosch university.  This was an evening session done in a round table format and included international speakers from Finland.  Prof Bekker gave an overview of the research and the sessions format tool on a round table/panel discussion. (Picture: Presenters of the session at the venue)

Above (l-r): Annie Bekker, Gerhard Durandt, Chante Van der Spuy, Nico de Koker

  • Annie Bekker                    SA Agulhas II – Flagship for vessel 4.0. (Abstract)
  • Gerhard Durandt             The Development of a Structural Digital Twin for the SA Agulhas II. (Abstract)
  • Chante Van der Spuy      The Classification of Multi-Impact Events by the Application of Inverse Methods and Machine Learning. (Abstract)
  • Nico de Koker                  Inversion and Extreme Value Analysis of Ice Loading on Propulsion Shaft of the SA Agulhas II. (Abstract)

Above(l-r): Micaela Melim, Ben Steyn, Brendon Nickerson, Nicole Taylor

  • Micaela Melim                 Expanding the Capabilities of Mariner 4.0: A human-centred monitoring and research tool. (Abstract)
  • Ben Steyn                          A Longitudinal Study of the Open-Water Performance of an Ice-Class Vessel. (Abstract)
  • Brendon Nickerson        Inverse calculations of ice impacts on propulsion machinery. (Abstract)
  • Nicole Taylor                    The berth of Mariner 4.0: A human-centred monitoring and research tool. (Abstract)

International speakers join the session and Sarah Nicholson of SOCCO present on robotics innovation. JP Barnard gave a presentation on data management during the cross-theme session chaired by Anne Treasure on day 1. Above(l-r): Jukka Tuhkuri, Miko Lensu, Sarah Nicholson, JP Barnard

  • Jukka Tuhkuri                   Ice Load measurement and ice condition monitoring onboard S.A. Agulhas II. (Abstract)
  • Miko Lensu                       Sea ice research of Finnish Meteorological Institute. (Abstract)
  • Sarah Nicholson              South African Robotics and Ocean Technology Innovation Centre (SA-RobOTIC). (Abstract)
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