The second session within the Marine and Antarctic Research Strategy research theme :  Oceans and marine ecosystems under global change was chaired  by Sandy Thomalla and Sarah Nicholson from Southern Ocean Carbon- Climate Observatory (SOCCO). The session title, “The Southern Ocean’s sensitivity to a changing climate:  insights from a seasonal cycle approach” were presented through oral presentations and e-posters from SOCCO. (Left Sandy Thomalla, Right Sarah Nicholson, above SOCCO group photo)

Above (l-r): Tesha Toolsee, Tommy Ryan-Keogh, Thapelo Ramalepe, Thato Mtshali.

  • Sarah Nicholson:  The impact of storms on CO2 and heat exchange across the Southern Ocean.
  • Tesha Toolsee:  The complex role of storms in modulating intra-seasonal air-sea CO2 fluxes in the sub-Antarctic Southern Ocean.
  • Sandy Thomalla:  Trends in Southern Ocean Phytoplankton bloom phenology.
  • Sifiso Mpapane:  Understanding photo acclimation effects on Chl:C ratio in the Southern Ocean: modelling considerations and insights into seasonal assemblage composition. (E-poster)
  • Tommy Ryan-Keogh:  Multi-decadal trend of increasing iron stress in the Southern Ocean phytoplankton.
  • Thapelo Ramalepe:  Exploring the seasonal processes governing manganese supply in the Southern Ocean.
  • Thato Mtshali:  Winter-time distributions and dissolved iron mixed layer budget in the south Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean.
  • Miranda Sitofile: Investigating seasonal variability of dissolved iron in the South Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean: Insights from the winter and spring SCALE 2019 cruises. (e-poster)
  • Lillina Ruiters:  Variability of phytoplankton photo physiology in the Southern Ocean: an analysis of assumptions and uncertainties. (e-poster)

Above(l-r): Sifiso Mpapane, Miranda Sitofile, Lillina Ruiters

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