Tomorrow, 22 April 2023, is Earth Day! 

We support environmental protection. One way to encourage people to protect the environment is for environmental scientists to communicate scientific findings in a way that is digestible for your audience.  

It is with great pleasure that we share that Dr Thomas Ryan-Keogh will be a speaker at TEDx Johannesburg Countdown to talk about the impacts of climate change on the Southern Ocean.  “His talk will contribute towards the dialogue and action on climate change and will showcase how the CSIR is contributing towards global research efforts on the impact of climate change in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean”. 

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TEDx Johannesburg is a great platform where “remarkable people doing great work can amplify their ideas on the world wide web”.

“We believe that their ideas, delivered at our sought-after events, and distributed via video on the web, will change the world” – TEDx Johannesburg. 

At this event, Tommy will have only 12 minutes to share his recent oceanographic research findings, “which showed that the natural carbon cycle in the Southern Ocean is being impacted and that it could be causing even more harmful climate impacts. These findings were recently published in the top-rated journal Science under the title: Multidecadal trend of increasing iron stress in Southern Ocean phytoplankton” – CSIR   

Source: TEDxJohannesburg Countdown 

Tommy is the Chair of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists of South Africa. APECS-SA is a “National Committee of APECS international, a non-profit and voluntary organization which focuses on improving communication between young polar researchers on a local and international level.”



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Watch this video below and learn more about the current climate crisis and The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate report. 

“This is an important message for the world to take in: make the economy, make the development clean and climate friendly” Hoesung Lee (Chair of the IPCC). 

Find the IPCC report here


Anche Louw, South African Polar Research Infrastructure (SAPRI DPS Node), 21 April 2023 

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