EARTH DAY Theme 2024  – Planet v Plastics

Celebrating our remarkable planet on this extraordinary day. Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability.  Earth Day symbolises the need to protect our mother nature. It encourages every individual to think about environmental conservation and act accordingly. It speaks about the need to reduce carbon footprints, conserve natural resources, and protect wildlife and natural habitats.

The South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP)  objectives are to conserve develop and understand  the environment and plays a crucial role in conserving the Antarctic Region. Studies done in the Antarctic are inextricably linked to our understanding of the entire Earth system and signals in Antarctica indicate past and future global changes. SANAP recognises the global and national importance of safeguarding the environment of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean and protecting the integrity of ecosystems, both marine and terrestrial, in the region. The programme takes cognisance of the presence of natural resources (both renewable and non-renewable) and the increased interest in their possible utilisation (both consumptive and non-consumptive).


The Global Plastic Treaty is an opportunity for the United Nations and Governmental Organizations to prove the health of the planet and its citizens take priority over an industry threatening the health of every human on Earth. Most importantly, though, it is a chance for our world to come together as one, and truly pledge and commit themselves to restoring the planet, following the model of the successful international cooperation found in the Montreal Protocol. The Global Plastics Treaty has the potential to end plastic pollution, protect human health, and lead to a waste-free world. We cannot allow our governments to waste this pivotal opportunity.

Video link : Planet vs Plastics

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