• Back (L-R): Aphiwe Dyum (Communication Technician), Yinhla Shihlomole (Sealer), Khuliso Maphaha (Assistant Meteorologist), Philani Ngcobo (Assistant Meteorologist), Tom Hartwell (Plimsoll Cameraman)
  • Middle[L-R]: Thando Cebekhulu (Birder), Pethokuhle Hlongwane (Base Engineer), Mpho Mashau (ECO), Katie Wardle (Plimsoll camerawoman), Ruth Peacey (Plimsoll director), Stephanus Schoeman (SANSA Engineer)
  • Front (L-R): Danielle Keys (Birder-Science Team Leader), Leandri de Kock (Winder), Frikkie van der Vyver (Sealer), Alain Jacobs (Diesel Mechanic), Winnie Moodaley (Medical Orderly – Team Leader), Nkoane Mathabatha (Sinior meteorologist- Deputy Team Leader)

The Marion 77th Overwintering team official team photo now available on SANAP website and in the ALSA Archive. The team left last year during lockdown with only a reduced vessel crew and an expedition complement.  DDG Judy Beaumont sent the team off with a memorable speech, wishing them all the best for this historic trip during the  COVID 19 pandemic.  Minister Creecy stated that :” As a result of the lockdown and as per announcement of the President, the voyage planning and arrangements have to be reconfigured to minimise risks”. In September 2020 a film crew and more team members join Marion 77. Marion 77 latest newsletter also available, below a few quotes taken form the newletter

Marion 76 going on 77!

Winnie “WINZA” Moodaley. “I am, as always, grateful for the opportunities afforded to me, and the trust placed in me by those who believe in me. “It was also a way to find out what I am capable of in such a remote setting; if I could rise to such a challenge.”

Alain Jacobs “AJ”. He believes coming to Marion was destiny and decided to come for the “experience of a lifetime”.

Aphiwe Dyum “One thing I realised whilst being on the island is the inter-personal skill that is necessary when working in remote areas like Marion Island.”

Marion 77 arrives:

Khuliso Collen Maphaha “My experience on Marion has been “greater than expected and I look forward to greater moments to come.”

Nkoane Jack Mathabatha “It is an honour and a privilege to be part of this important research. The earth isn’t going to stop revolving and if we stop moving we might fall off and be left behind lingering in the past.”

Patrick Hlongwane, “Pat” His wonderful singing voice and superb dance moved have brightened up life for those who are here.

Philani Siya Ngcobo “Siya” “I expected total isolation here on this remote island, with maybe one call a week, but has been pleasantly surprised at the access to the internet and the ability to keep up with sport and news.”

Stephanus Schoeman  His enjoyment of his job was a driving factor that brought him to Marion, along with the “opportunity to see such a beautiful place.”

New Arrivals September 2020!

Danielle Z. Keys, or Dani “Marion stole my heart in 2018 and I never wanted to leave in the first place! I love the freedom and the wildlife here – there is nothing else like it.” “I am braver this time round.”

Frikkie van der Vyver With covid-19 raising havoc in most parts of the world, an opportunity to return to Marion couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.”

Leandri de Kock “The experience is really a dream come true. I have learned so much and seen so much of the island. So far, not one day has been the same. Truly an adventure of a lifetime.”

Audrey Mpho Mashau, or Mpho Mpho has overwintered on an expedition like this before and knows Marion – something she says “came in handy as I knew the kind of mental and physical commitment I was putting myself into.”

Thando Cebekhulu, He originally came to Marion Island as part of M74 and says “it actually feels like I never left this place.”

Yinhla Shihlomule “ It is the most peaceful place on earth – never mind the roaring winds and tumbling waves.” “I sailed to Marion Island. That’s a lifetime experience. “

The Film Crew: On Marion island, the film crew have immersed themselves into the team of M77 and been busy filming right from day one! Being from England in the U.K., it’s been wonderful to be immersed into South African / Marion culture and share experiences of and with the wildlife here in this special place.

Director Ruth Peacey “Antarctica cast a spell on me and Marion has evoked that same magic. I feel so lucky to be able to share this special experience with such an ace team.”   

Cameraman Tom Hartwell  “a cameraman’s dream… I couldn’t resist the opportunity to film on an island with such incredible natural spectacles, not to mention so many charismatic and loveable species!”

Camera Assistant Katie Wardle “I feel so lucky to be able to experience this crazy island and at the start of my career this is a gold dust opportunity to learn and hopefully propel me into other work on my return home.”    

  • Back row (left to right): Khuliso Maphaha (Assistant Meteorologist), Phethokuhle Hlongwane (Base Engineer), Stephanus Schoeman (SANSA Engineer), Yinhla Shihlomule (Sealer), Mpho Mashau (ECO), Tom Hartwell (Film Crew), Danielle Keys (Birder and Science Team Leader), Winnie Moodaley (Medical Orderly and Team Leader), Philani Ngcobo (Assistant Meteorologist).
  • Front row (left to right): Katie Wardle (Film Crew), Leandri de Kock (Winder), Alain Jacobs (Diesel Mechanic), Thando Cebekhulu (Birder), Aphiwe Dyum (Comms Technician), Frikkie van der Vyver (Sealer), Ruth Peacey (Film Crew Director), Nkoane Mathabatha (Senior Meteorologist and Deputy Team Leader).




© South African National Antarctic Programme • Managed and administered by Antarctic Legacy of South Africa • Photo Credits
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