InstitutionA1:D8Principal InvestigatorShort TitlePrimary Research Fields
Bayworld Centre for Research and EducationLamont, T DRSAMOC-SAPhysical sciences & Earth and marine sciences
CSIR - Natural Resources and the EnvironmentNicholson, S DRContemporary and Future Drivers of CO2 and Heat in the Southern OceanPhysical sciences
Department of Environmental AffairsMtshali, TN DRSeasonal Iron speciation in the Southern Ocean, from open ocean environments to naturally fertilized sub-Antarctic Islands (Marion and Gough Islands)Earth and marine sciences & Chemical sciences
Nelson Mandela UniversityConnan, MA DRAvian scavengers as indicators of recovery of an island biotaBiological sciences
South African National Space Agency (SANSA)Kosch, MJ ProfSANAE HF radarPhysical sciences
South African National Space Agency (SANSA)Lotz, SI DRPolar Space Weather StudiesPhysical sciences
Stellenbosch UniversityBekker, A PROFThe Digital SA Agulhas II - Flagship for Vessel 4.0Engineering sciences
Stellenbosch UniversityOlivier, M MsAntarctic Legacy of South Africa History (Humanities)
Stellenbosch UniversityVersfeld, DJJ PROFSignal Processing and Control of a long-range Unmanned Surface Vehicle for Cetacean Detection in the Antarctic and Southern Sea sciences
University of Cape TownAnsorge, IJ PROFSEAmester-South Africa's Floating UniversityEarth and marine sciences
University of Cape TownFawcett, SE DRParallel cycling of nitrogen and iron in the upper Southern Ocean: implications for biological CO2 drawdown and global ocean fertilityEarth and marine sciences
University of Cape TownRampai, TInfluence of physical and biogeochemical processes on the Mechanical properties of Antarctic Sea IceEngineering sciences & Chemical sciences
University of Fort HareNel, W PROFLandscape and climate interactionsEarth and marine sciences
University of KwaZulu-NatalMOODLEY, K PROFObserving Dawn in the CosmosPhysical sciences & Mathematical sciences
University of PretoriaCOWAN, DA PROFComparative microbial ecology of pan-Antarctic soilsBiological sciences
University of Pretoriade Bruyn, PJN PROFMarion Island Marine Mammals in Changing Environments: Individual Heterogeneity and Population ProcessesBiological sciences & Earth and marine sciences
University of PretoriaLavery, CM DRAfrica, Antarctica and the ArtsHumanities & Arts
University of PretoriaMakhalanyane, TP PROFEnhanced insights regarding the ecology, evolution and function of marine microbiomesBiological sciences
University of South AfricaMcIntyre, T DRRoss seal ecology, behaviour and physiology in a changing environmentBiological sciences


See more detail of project  here. This schedule will be update on the SANAP website under research in January 2021.

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