The third session within the Marine and Antarctic Research Strategy research theme: Oceans and marine ecosystems under global change chaired by Suzanne Fietz of Stellenbosch University. The presentations resort under the title ‘Southern Ocean productivity: drivers and consequences. The session was introduced by Susanne Fietz and the alignment to MARS. (Above: group photo – Photo credit Suzanne Fietz)

Above (l-r): Liam Quinlan, Emtia Wium, Johan Viljoen, Asmita Singh, Jared Walsh (Stellenbosch University)

  • Liam Quinlan:  Characterising phytoplankton communities: A Southern Ocean case study of environmental coupling. (Abstract)
  • Amelia Deary:  Early community development at the Southern Ocean Marginal Ice Zone. (Abstract)
  • Sadiyah Rawat:  The role of the island mass effect in enhancing productivity and carbon export in the Subantarctic Ocean. (Abstract)
  • Emtia Wium:  Impact of metals in aerosols and dust on marine phytoplankton: South Africa. (Abstract)
  • Sina Wallschuss:  The seasonality and origins of nitrous oxide in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. (Abstract)
  • Faith February:  Observations of Southern Ocean marine aerosols in Simon’s Town, False Bay. (Abstract)
  • Susanne Fietz:  General discussion
  • Mhlangabezi Mdutyana:  Nitrification in the Southern Ocean: controls, kinetics, and biogeochemical implications. (Abstract)
  • Susanne Fietz:  Trace metals and phytoplankton. (Abstract)

Above (l-r): Amelia Deary, Sadiyah Rawat, Sina Wallschuss, Faith February, Mhlangabezi Mdutyana (UCT)

Sarah Fawcett(left) could not attend, but her and Dr Katye Altieri (right)students gave presentations during this session. Sarah Fawcett (abstract): Nanoplankton: the dominant vector for carbon export across the Atlantic Southern Ocean in spring.

Suzanne Fietz and the Stellenbosch University Earth Sciences team submitted an excellent e-poster Asmita Singh(e-poster) and Johan Viljoen (abstract) and Jared Walsh(abstract)  were not able to attend the symposium in person.

© South African National Antarctic Programme • Managed and administered by Antarctic Legacy of South Africa • Photo Credits
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